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Michael Goldman

Consolidated Studios

“Digital Lichenas (Digital Lichen)”

Lichens and Molds spring up and spread themselves in what seems to be random order. They attach themselves to the natural and built environment where they can easily spread their biological information in beautiful colors and complex patterns.


Digital information is constantly swarming around us through radio waves, Wifi, cellular data, blue tooth all spread bits of information through the air and we never see it in transit.


The distinction between what is “natural” and what is “made” is becoming less clear.  Nature is being genetically modified to suit a wide variety of our “needs”. The process of growth has been sped up or slowed down and redirected through human manipulation.


What if digital information took on its own solid form? What if it sprung up out of gaps, cracks and holes, attaching itself to surfaces and began spreading? This installation is a depiction of that.