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Michael Goldman

Consolidated Studios

The Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) describes the OM-3C as a vertical rectangle with diagonal alternating stripes that form upward-pointing chevrons. They are designed to call attention to obstructions that are near the roadway. They also do a good job of calling attention to themselves like the bright plumage of a tropical bird or petals of vibrant flowers.


Our built landscapes, and the objects we create are in competition with what is considered “natural”. As we evolve, the distinction between what is “nature” and what is made is less clear. So far, nature always seems to win but will our created objects ever emulate nature’s power?

OM3-C Series - Abandon Field

A site specific competition piece designed & installed for the Hayes Valley Artworks outdoor sculpture space in San Francisco.

OM3-C Series  - Telephone Pole

This one sprouted on top of an abandon and cut off telephone pole on Potrero Hill in San Francisco,

OM3-C Series - Stumps

In the forest, new growth takes hold and gains sustenance from the nutrients within tree stumps. In the city, the OM3-C’s use them in the same fashion and they sprout everywhere. These were blooming on San Francisco's streets and alleys.

OM3-C Series - Gallery

Indoor installations utilizing the OM3-C elements. This piece is called Throbber and was installed at the Radiator Gallery.