Features & Television



Michael Goldman

Motion Picture Art Director

Michael Goldman, a San Francisco based feature and television Art Director with over 20 years experience working throughout California. His vast knowledge of San Francisco's film resources, locations and local crew members is a benefit to every art department working there. Goldman works on a variety of sized projects from block buster studio films (Ant-Man & The Wasp, San Andreas & Star Trek Into Darkness) to smaller independent features (Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine, Quitters & Knife Fight) and television series (Looking, Castle & Nash Bridges).


Goldman brings to every project his love of design, drawing and construction as well as realistic scheduling and budgeting skills. He is efficient with time, cool headed under pressure and always has a sense of humor. All of his knowledge has been gained from years of office & hands on experience and is rooted in a studies in architecture, photography and art history.


Michael is a member of the National Art Directors Guild I.A.T.S.E Local 800. In 2005, he was part of the team that won an Oscar for Production Design on Columbia Pictures Memoirs of a Geisha and has worked in art departments nominated five times by the Art Directors Guild for their Excellence in Production Design Award; in 2009 for Ron Howard’s Frost/Nixon & Marvel’s Iron Man, in 2014 for Paramount Picture’s Star Trek Into Darkness & Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine and in 2017 for Woody Allen’s Café Society.