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Michael Goldman


Michael Goldman is an artist/designer living in San Francisco with a studio and shop space in Berkeley, CA. He holds degrees in fine arts and architecture and has over 25 years work experience combing fine art and design.


His recent projects include installations of my OM3-C series around San Francisco, shows of the Urban Pictogram signage and Street Barricade Into 2 Benches Transformation in SF, Denver, and Poughkeepsie, NY. The Urban Pictogram series was awarded an honorable mention in Artist Portfolio Magazine‚Äôs Q2 competition and articles about them can be found online at, Artist Portfolio Magazine Issue #31, The Noun Project, Medium.com, The SFist and Hoodline.com.  A new collection of tote bags based on my found object 2D work can purchased online at shop.vida.com.


While not pursuing art projects Goldman is a reserve firefighter with the San Francisco Fire Department, an avid downhill skier, obsessed dog owner, enthusiastic cook and urban gardener.




I observe and question the environment around me, natural, built & culturally. My work is a response to what I learn. I use industrial materials, objects and graphics as the media for my work as they are easily approachable. I alter and give them new meaning that makes the viewer think twice and then smile.