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Michael Goldman is an artist/designer living in San Francisco, CA. His career combines experience as a furniture designer, photographer, sculptor and graphic artist.


His recent works include: "Compliant Traffic Signs" A series about the visual communication of rules, "Digital Lichenas (Digital Lichen) synthetic lichen sprouting up in the urban environment,  “Red Means Stop” a texter’s please stop sign. Multi Use Concrete Bottles questioning our disposable culture. Urban Pictogram series signs have been strategically placed around US cities to note their vast unseen cultural elements.

Artist Statement

Part craftsman, part entertainer and part teacher, my role as an artist is varied. I observe and question the environments and cultures around me. I then, create art that responds to what I have absorbed. Perhaps, my interpretation may benefit someone?


My pieces include common industrial materials, mass produced objects and sign graphics which make them easily approachable. They have clean lines, durability and an economic use of resources.


 Each piece must uphold strict standards: grab the viewer’s attention, make them smile and change their perspective. These are big expectations but, I have a responsibility to be diligent.